Chronic fatigue syndrome

Patient: I have chronic fategue syndrome and have painfull joints and muscals. would vitamin suplement help and witch one would help

Doctor: Living with chronic fatigue syndrome can be frustrating because there is a liited understanding of the condition and lim ited treatment options. Chronic fatigue syndrome can have a profound effect on your quality of life. Chronic fatigue syndrome is usually diagnosed based upon a medical history and physical examination. Blood or urine testing may be done to rule out other conditions, but are not needed to diagnose is no cure for chronic fatigue syndrome; the goal of treatment is to reduce symptoms of fatigue and help you to cope. Many therapies have been tried in CFS but none has been consistently successful. Cognitive behavioral therapy and graded exercise appear to be the most effective treatments. Cognitive behavioral therapy — Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a type of therapy that can help to reduce symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome. It typically involves a series of one-hour sessions with a psychotherapist or counselor. Although exercise can sometimes make chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms worse, a prolonged lack of exercise can also worsen CFS. Experts recommend beginning with gentle exercises and slowly increasing the intensity. Working with a professional trainer who is familiar with CFS may be of benefit.Vitamins and supplements have not been proven to improve symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.