Chronic kidney disease and dialysis

Patient: My father has been a diabetic for approx. 30 yrs. he has chronic kidney disease,high blood pressure,and multiple other health issues. his creatinine level was 2.5 a week ago and he is dehydrated. his doctor cut down on his lasix and wanted him to force more fluids.he did that and with more blood work and more fluids it came down one point. his doctor cut down the lasix more to one 40mg a day and force more fluids. he is beginning to swell more and have sob. i am afraid of him going into chf. do you think it may be time for to go on diaylsis? thank you

Doctor: Normal creatinine level range from 0.5 to 1.5 mg/dl. If the dose adjustments of the medication works to bring down his c reatinine levels, your father may not require dialysis at this point. Moreover, various factors including creatinine level, glomerular filteration rate (GFR), blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and BUN/creatinine ratio, needs to be measured before considering a dialysis. Dehydration may be due to raised BUN/creatinine ratio, which can be corrected with increased fluid intake.