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Chronic knee pain on inside of knee, especially when FIRST starting up.

Patient: Chronic knee pain on inside of knee, especially when FIRST standing up. I do have a tendency to overpronate and have a bad habit of sitting cross legged or with my ankle on the seat of the chair.



Symptoms: Mild to moderate knee pain especially after long periods of sitting. no swelling or instability.



Doctor: Hello,welcome to ATDThe symptoms you have mentioned only points towards the diagnosis of chondromalcaciae patelle .Please answer a few questions regarding your condition,Can you tell exact sore of pain?What is the age group to which you belong?Is there any x-ray available?Please mention if there is any disease in family which you have not mentioned? Any subtle disease should also be mentioned.Feel free to discuss further/ask relevant questions.Regards

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Patient: Not sure what you mean by exact sore. Moderate pain, no swelling or movement restriction. 40 yo male, no injuries (developed over several months slowly)
No specific family disease that I could think of.
I was diagnosed with over pronation and as a kid doctor told me I bent my foot inward when walking. Have slight knocked knees. Pain 4 on 1_10, especially after sorting cross legged.

Patient: Sorry I meant sorting cross legged. Only family history I can think of is my paternal grandmother had arthritis

Doctor: Hello,
Sorry about first question, by exact sore I meant exact point of tenderness ie which part is having maximum pain.
Arthritis is not related genetically, you should not worry about that.
If you are still having altered gait with knock knees then the biomechanics of walking are disturbed resulting in increased stress or pressure over certain parts of the knee, and thus can predispose to early onset of arthritis.
Although currently the pain is less but in course of time its severity could increase.
You should visit your local doctor for further evaluation of gait and clinical examination of knee and foot for confirmation of the provisional diagnosis.
In the mean time you should perform active quadriceps exercises to help in strengthening of the muscle.

Patient: Ok will do that. Main point is the inside of the kneecap, sometimes down the shin. Thanks!

Doctor: Hello,
Inner side or medial side of knee is commonly affected in knock knees as it is an area of increased stress. Also medial compartment of knee is first to be affected in osteoarthritis. Xray if knee is required to confirm whether osteoarthritic changes have ensued or not.

Patient: That makes a lot of sense, and when googling symptoms (I know I know I shouldn’t do that), chondromalcaciae patelle was one of the first things that came up, so I will assume that for the time being, and visit my GP as soon as I reasonably can. Thanks again!

Doctor: Hello,
Its OK to read about the disease on Google. It helps in self awareness but relying only on Google is not good as physical examination is irreplaceable.
Your most probable diagnosis are
Osteoarthritis knee
Chondromalacia patellae.
Visit an local doctor for examination and confirmation of the same.


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