Chronic lower back pain

Patient: Hi,My mom has chronic lower back painShe’s 63 yrs old. (68 kg, 162 cm)The condition has increased after taking care of my ill dad for about two yrs.She’s always on pain killers, and can’t spend her day without taking them.Recently she’s suffering from limpness in her right leg (down her knee), this happens sometimes when she’s walking, it seems as if her leg can’t help her stand anymore.I’ve attached XRay images (2 for the back and one for the knee)Please help her out, does she need a surgery?I’ll really appreciate your advice.Thank you very much

Symptoms: -unbearable lower back pain
-twinge and burning sensation in lower back
-when bending there’re twinges, burning sensation, and cracking sounds in the right knee

Chronic lower back pain -1 Chronic lower back pain -1 Chronic lower back pain -1