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Chronic mesenteric adenitis

Dear Ask The Doctor:
My 11 year old daughter has been diagnosed with chronic mesenteric adenitis with multiple CT scans approximately one year ago. Her flare ups last about 2 weeks, and are preceded with a low grade fever and a slightly elevated white blood cell count. Her pain scale ranges from a 4 to an 8 out of 10. The pain is worse at night and when she lays down. At times she will cycle with 2 weeks of illness and one week of decent health, followed by another 2 week bout of pain. She has been given morphine, dilaudid, tramadol, fentanyl which did not affect her pain level or her cognitive level. After over a year we are looking for an alternative therapy, or the possibility to of an adenoidectemy. Is surgery possible? Thank you.


I understand your concern about your daughter’s condition. Certainly if your daughter’s physicians have already ruled out the most common causes and also know about the recurrence of it, they could practice surgery to rule out definitely the tendency for recurrence.
As you may already know, due to the young age of your daughter and the history of mesenteric lymphadenitis, anytime the abdominal pain increases more than usual, she would need to seek immediate attention to rule out appendicitis.

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