Chronic mid-lower back pain

Patient: Hello! My name is Shay and I am 18 years old. I have just finished up my weekly visits to the Chiropractor for a month for chronic mid to lower back pain in the right side that seemed to be coming from the Scoliosis. We took x-rays and they showed what I already knew, Scoliosis. He adjusted me but, my back just didn’t want to stay adjusted, but it was only the first visit, so we kept at it with adjustments, therapy and rehabilitation for about a month. The did a CBC, a Kidney and Liver panel on Thursday, July 16, and, although I never heard anything from anyone, the Chiropractor said that everything was fine, (He never saw the test results either. They NEVER showed up on my file from Adams County Regional Medical Center) but I still have the pain and it is radiating from my right side to me left side, into my neck and shoulders. Can you help me??

Symptoms: Mid to lower back pain. Scale on 1-10 (about a 9 all the time), stabbing, throbbing, ache, and spams.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Scoliosis is a condition in which the spine is abnormally curved laterally (sideways). This often occurs as a congenital malformation observed at birth or during the years of puberty during rapid growth. The pain you are experiencing is likely due to to strain on the muscles and nerve branches supplying the muscles of the back, neck and shoulders. We recommend that you follow up with a medical doctor who will determine what treatments other than physical therapy and chiropractic adjustment will assist in treating your pain. Such treatments including analgesic medication as well as wearing a scoliosis back brace. Depending on who severe the curvature is, it may be possible that you will require surgical correction, but this is in very extreme cases of scoliosis that are unresponsive to all other treatments.Thank you for choosing