Chronic pain after ankle fracture

Patient: I broke my ankle in 2005 from tripping over my door step. since then i have had continues pain and can no longer walk without it causing a lot of problems.i have been seen by orthopaedics for the last few years and they dont know what it is causing the pain. i have had x rays and MRI scans whcih reveal nothing.i was wondering wether ankle replacement or fusion might be an option. i have read about ankle replacements for over 60’s but not for anyone my age, could it be an option or would fusion be possible.

Doctor: Ankle replacement is not indicated in your case. It is usually done in elderly persons who have severe arthritis. Ankle fusion also has specific indications which it does not appear that you have these indications since your x-rays and MRIs are all negative! You should ask your doctor about a bone scan which can sometimes give more information than a MRI or simple x-ray.