Chronic penile symptoms

Patient : I have been suffering from this unknown condition for years and have been diagnosed with several different things by doctors, none of which have helped. I have been treated and diagnosed with urinary tract infection, chronic prostate infection and several others. Also, I do want to note that I have been checked for STDs and everything comes up clean ,although prior to all of this I had been diagnosed and treated for ghonoreah clahmydia. My main symptoms are burning in the urethra before, durring and after urination similar to what I have read is experienced with a UTI. This pain, which will linger after urination, is especially felt toward the penile head and seems to be sourced and temporarily relieved by pressing on the area between buttocks and scrotum. It is difficult to describe, but I sometimes feel as if durring these times of discomfort my penile head is slightly enlarged, irritated and an odd feeling almost like it is seperate of the penile shaft. Typically i can also apply pressure to my lower abdomen and feel an odd type of pain related to the urethral burning which actually can be felt through the penis when I press on this lower abdominal area , possibly my bladder?. Now I have to admit that in my prior years I was extremely sexually active and would assume this is something contracted sexually but I am unsure.. Like I said multiple tests have been done for STDs which came up clear. I did at one point go through a phase where I had extremely intense itching on the penile head with slight redness culminating in the penile head literally drying up, flaking and peeling. Around this same time I also saw S shaped tracks in the webs of my hands and had intense itching over my entire body especially at night. I self-diagnosed myself with scabies and saw a doctor who agreed and gave me treatment for it. These symptoms did go away. I also have struggled with the fact that my anus seems to have a leaking feeling and also can become intensely itchy inside coupled at times with a burning feeling and often feeling of discomfort when sitting. Also a terribly stong, fishy type odor after times of excessive sweating ,working out, which seems to come from the anal sweat. I recently did see a doctor who diagnosed me with an anal fissure and prescribed Proctosol HC 2.5 percent ,Hydrocortisone cream, and many of these symptoms of the anus seem to be going away. This doctor I saw recently was consulted because of extreme pain and discomfort in my testicles coupled with sharp shooting pains in my lower abdomen which eventually led to dull pain in testicles along with a bloating tingling type of sensation in my abdomen. I did have an ultrasound done on lower abdomen and testicular area which resulted in the finding of 2 cysts ,one on each testicle. Upon seeing this urologist I was told we would keep an eye and check on the left testicle cyst as it had a small calsium deposit. Basically he told me i was completely fine and testicular cysts are normal. He even said that if he had originally checked me out he would not even have ordered the ultrasound. To be safe , and also because I told him about the symptoms I had had over the years of burning urethra, feeling of not completely voiding my urine and weakened urine stream, he also performed a penile scope to look through the urethra up to the bladder,which was a horrible feeling especially as he got deeper inside. He determined I was completely fine and sent me on my way recommending another ultrasound in 6 months. Another docor I had seen in the past gave me a rectal exam where he applied pressure to my prostate which sent a feeling through my penis lik ei really had to pee along with slight congruence to my penile discomfort. To this day I feel as if my penile head is slightly discolored,redish, with what appears to be very suble splotchiness like red dots which are hardly noticeable. I also feel when I am erect and squeeze the shaft of my penis the head appears to have a strange bumpy appearance seeminly coming from the skin of the penile head or under the skin. I still suffer from the painful urination, feeling of somehting being inside my urethra slowing my stream to the point that the urine can sputter out and even come out in a V. ,and this is durring the day not after intercourse. I also have suffered from random intense headaches for several years as well as random hives that appear on my face and go away after a short time. Paired with these sypmtoms is the fact that several years ago ,wether it is related to the penis symptoms or not I am unsure, I got a fever blister on my upper lip. This was at a time when I was sexually active and had performed oral several different times on different women. The fever blister took weeks to go away and left my lips feeling plumper and swolen as well as slightly discolored and redish. I feel like they are unnaturally swollen and redish to this day and I oftern get the appearance of redness slightly off of the lip area as if I am getting another fever blister but then it just goes away. I can press my lips together and quickly seperate them to see a whiteness that flashes similar to when u press on your sunburned skin and release. Also when I force my lip out with my tongue I see a whiteness under the skin across the entire lip as if it is a pocket filled with something. I have done tons of research to try and figure out what is going on and am currently trying to treat my self with homeopathic medicine for male candida or yeast infection as I have found there is a lot of congruence with my symptoms. This doesnt seem to be working so far but I did just start. At this point any help would be deeply appreciated, as I feel I can no longer go to doctors since they have no answer for me , not even the urologist. I apologize for the length of this, but felt compelled to list as much detail as possible since no one can figure out what is going on and I am beginning to become desperate. Thank you so much . I included the incorrect email on my previous post, so I have resubmitted.
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