Chronic post-exercise sputum secretion

Patient: Hey there :)i have a problem, and i hope i can find the answer here..i’m muhammad, 22 years old, single male, no smoking or alcohol or other habits……… i experienced 3 tiny ( about 2 mm ) spits of whitish-green smelly sputum……….the condition started about 18 months agoafter each time i play football ( once a week ) my chest secrete #sputum that is :whitish, loose consistency, non-smelly, excessive amount ( continuous for the day of the game and may be the day after, then disappear to the next time i play )But today, when i spittedi felt something different beside the normal sputum :sputum :whitish green – gum like consistency – bad odor from it – size: 2mm – number: 3 times- no other chest symptoms ( normal breath and can tolerate the exercise )- no other systemic symptoms ( cardiac, renal, … )……….i visited a specialist long time ago, said it is asthma, and it is not serious, barely heard by stethoscope and described some medications that i stopped after a week because no use.then i decided to make x-ray ” at rest “, that was completely normal.i take acetylecysteine sachets sometimes before game to decrease the secretions during the game.i took it before the game today…………no previous surgeries or family history of same or near condition=========please i want to know what caused these strange smelly spits todayand what is causing my condition because i can’t tolerate more i had enough.what investigations should i make..THANKs for your time, i really appreciate 🙂

Symptoms: Sputum

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.The excessive production after you football is an indication tha t there is something in the ground that is causing you an allergy, producing excessive sputum.The strange smelly sputum bits of greenish color is just an infection. This can be just a part of it or could have come from the nose or sinuses.If there is repetition, you send the specimen to the laboratory for gram staining, culture and sensitivity.You may need an antibiotic if the problem persists.The basic rule is to avoid the allergens; you have to find the cause and try to avoid it.Or the else you may have to take antihistamines and continue with life.I hope this answer helps you.