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Chronic/Recurrent Left Sided Pain

Patient: I have had recurrent/chronic pain in my left side toward my back for over 2 years. I went to the ER twice about 2 years ago for it and blood work, UA, and chest x-ray were normal I was told. I did begin to have less frequent “attacks” when I was smoking marijuana for about a year. I’ve not been smoking for a month and have had an attack nearly every day with maybe a day without once or twice a week.I’ve had weight loss without trying- am 6’1″ and 135 pounds. I used to be about 160. I’m female and 26 years old.I notice the pain seems worse when I lean or twist to the left. Pain is also worse upon exhalation and lessened with inhalation. I also notice that the pain is worse when I press in from my front side but not from my backside. The pain does seem to change as the attacks progress from the left side just under ribs changing to more my central left side. Heating pad seems to help a little. Ice makes the pain worse. Hydrocodone (prescribed in ER the first time) does nothing for the pain. NSAIDs do nothing for the pain. Muscle relaxers (prescribed the second time in the ER) seem to help slightly.I have noticed more frequent urination but have begun drinking more water so may be due to that. I went to my PC doctor about 2 weeks ago to check my thyroid and that was normal. He also order a couple other tests and have those but cannot upload them even though it’s only 100kb. I can email them or try again but it is not letting me upload right now saying file too large though it is not. I did not fast before the tests as I was told I did not have to when I asked. Was told results were normal.



Symptoms: weight loss
left sided pain in abdomen chronic/recurrent
fatigue – used to have difficulty falling asleep and now I get tired very easily.




Comments / Follow Ups

Patient: I went to the ER today and blood tests and urinalysis were normal. They also did an abdominal CT scan without contrast and the dr said all my organs looked normal. Today was the first time I didn’t take any OTC pain meds and the pain got worse than ever. So I am assuming they must of been helping the previous times to take the edge off but never fully relieved the pain. They gave me dilaudid while I was there and it was the first time I didn’t feel any pain. Previous ER visits they always gave me something else that never fully relieved it.
Also I’ve noticed I will get pain in the area near my heart but it is not heart pain. Also will sometimes get slight numbness and tingling in my left arm and leg.


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