Chronic Shoulder Issues

Patient: I had a labrum tear (slap lesion) surgically repaired 3 years ago, followed by p.t. and a brief period of comfort. I returned to the surgeon because of pain, and thought maybe there was another problem. The MRI revealed, according to the surgeon, that I have a “labrum tear higher up than the one that was repaired.” After seeking a second opinion I was told that I had a rotator cuff tear. During the second surgery the surgeon repaired the rotator cuff and performed a capsular shift. Will my shoulder ever be the same? I am currently doing PT 3x/week and just want to know if I should expect to be able to get back to “normal” athletic activities.

Doctor: I can understand your frustration.  The goal of surgery and physiotherapy is to have you enjoying activities to the same e level as before your injury.Of course, nothing is 100% and the more compliant you are with your physiotherapy, the better your statistical odds are.  If you smoke, quitting smoking also increases your odds.having said that, it is important to not over do it and only progress with physiotherapy at the pace recommended by your physiotherapist.  Being overly aggressive with physiotherapy can re-aggravate the injury.I hope this helps