Chronic Shoulder/Neck pain

Patient: I’ve been having right shoulder pain for 8 months now. It feels much better if I take NSAIDS daily, but I don’t want to take them because of potential risks and the stomach issues. I had a x ray done which came back normal. I’ve been seeing a physical therapist which doesn’t seem to know what is wrong with me.My shoulder doesn’t hurt unless I move it. It’s better by morning and worse by night. When raising my arm out to my side I can only raise it shoulder height before I start feeling soreness in my shoulder and arm. Its a pinching/pulling pain that is in the top of my shoulder/neck and clavicle area when my shoulder/arm is used.I also have Multiple Sclerosis but the doctor and physical therapist said that would have nothing to do with my problems.Any advice?

Symptoms: Pinching/pulling pain in shoulder/neck and clavicle area when used. Pain resides when at rest, doesn’t wake me from sleep. NSAIDS help a lot