Chronic swelling in multiple body parts similar to allergies

Patient: I’ve been dealing with an ongoing set of issues that are connected to each other. It started with the swelling of my nose and lungs. The swelling in my nose caused the formation of a massive amount of polyps which I had to have surgery done to remove. The swelling in my lungs resulted breathing issues. I’ve since been put on nasal and lung steriods to control the swelling. However even with the nasal steroids I still experience swelling in the nasal passages.This issue at first was isolated to the upper respiratory passages, but as of recently I’ve been experiencing similar swelling in my lower digestive track and outer ear. I’ve noticed certain foods tend to trigger swelling in my sinuses and gut and things like allergens tend to trigger the swelling in my lungs and such. Things like heaters also seem to irritate everything.The swelling has responded in the past to strong steroids like prednizone and oral steriods like qvar do help control it in my lungs.If I had to describe it, it almost like my body is hyper-allergic to a host of things. But I’m not sure how to go about asking a doctor about this. But it has resulted in emergency room visits and also caused issues like blockage of the ear passages and other fairly serious problems so it is not a simple allergic reaction.

Symptoms: Chronic swelling in multiple regions of the body.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comIt seems that you have been suffering from chronic allergies and severe IgE hypersensitivities.It is unfortunate that your body is allergic to a host of allergens and the only way to protect yourself from them is to prevent its exposure. You have been rightly placed on steroids which are anti-inflammatory and help in reducing the allergic reactions but doesn’t prevent it. So, it is suggested that you may undergo ALLERGEN SCREENING test which is offered by most reputed labs to identify allergy to most common foods, articles or things from daily usage. Once found , you have to consciously make an effort to avoid its exposure.The allergy attacks can be from localized swelling to complete body swelling called anasarca, with itching over skin, increased mucous secretion in nasal sinuses causing polyps and even bronchoconstriction in lungs imitating an asthmatic attack.You may however visit you physician , and once the known allergens are identified, you can be planned for systematic de-sensitization under medical supervision against that allergen .This is a time consuming process and has to be done seperately for each allergen though. So, the best way is to continue on oral steroids and try to protect any form of known allergen exposure which incites a reaction.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards