Chronic swollen neck lymph nodes

Patient: Dear sir,,,i m 23 yera old female.i m having enlarged lymph nodes on both of the side of my neck,,,,,in starting before 4 or 5 year they were small but after that they are incresing.i have cunsulted to the dr but all the reports are negative,,,,,,,,,,,including biopsy,tuberculosis..I mfine from last symptoms are there like fever, night sweat,any pain,,,,,,,,and yes the nodes are painless……they are sized about 1.5 cm to 2 cm………..other than this i have lump in my breast its fibrodema,,,,,,,,,,and about this the dr doctor said this is also normal, .my breast are normal, no discharge, no any problem.I M very worried about these lymph nodes ,,,,,,,,,everyone use to say may be cancer……….plz help me and plz tell methe right thing.

Doctor: Swollen lymph nodes in the neck can be a sign of an infectious disease, such as the common cold, mumps, rubella, strep t hroat, ear infection, or mononucleosis, as well as an infected wound. Swollen neck lymph nodes can also indicate certain types of cancer, such as non-Hodgkin lymphoma or Hodgkin’s disease (Hodgkin lymphoma). If the lymph node enlargement is unexplained, it may need to undergo a period of observation for 3 to 4 weeks possibly with the addition of empirical antibiotics. Since further investigations using ultrasonography and fine needle aspiration cytology or an excisional biopsy were normal in your case, I would advise a period of observation.