Chronic urological Condition HELP

Patient: Condition A Chronic and deteriorating urogential condition that developed while in the U.S. Air Force. This condition, I believe is the result of a viral infection I contracted and suffered with during most of my time in the service, and I strongly believe contributed greatly to me now having Chronic Hydrocele and a life long Epididymitis condition.In my younger years Id been treated for what I believe to be a Chronic Epididymitis, persistent Viral Infections, and FertilityProblems Id contracted in July 1976, and dealt with until my Discharge Physical from the military in May 1984. I believe that a viral infection and possibly a chronic epididymitis condition remained untreated, and that this eventually evolved into another untreatable condition Chronic Prostatitis, which unknowingly to me interfered considerably with my life and may have contributed to my problem with hydrocele and me having an epidiymal cyst.My condition started around 14 July 1976, even-though I dont recall, my medical records indicate that I must have come in contact with a bacteria infection. After being treated at the base hospital, according to my records was told to come back the following day. After returning I was told that there was no improvement, my records indicate there was not a scheduled follow-up.My next urogenitally based hospital visit was around Nov 1979. After a year and a half of courtship and a 3 months of marriage, me and my wife had came to the conclusion that something was wrong in our efforts to have a child. I our first visit the base hospital we requested a sperm count and s check-up. I made a second visit to the base hospital with my wife in Dec 79, we received the labs results, but for some reason the Doctor, my wife and I figured it was best to wait on followup because I was being transferred to a new Base After arriving at my new base, my wife and I immediately visited the base hospital to start fertility testing. During one particular visit according to my records I remember strongly mentioning my swollen testicles, and the long history of that problem the only discussion that was mentioned after those visits was my low sperm count In Apr 1980, after complaining of severe testicle pain, a examination was made and all the indicators from the exam showed Acute or possibility early Chronic Prostatitis. The only treatment offered was to take continual Sitz BathsIn Oct 1981, I requested for the fifth time, a sperm count and a reason for the apparent problem of infertility that I was having. During this visit my urogential history was ignored, only a lab request was given. During my discharge physical my history of testicle swelling was never brought up.After some time following my discharge I rarely noticed a lot of continual swelling, but in late 2000 a lifting incident caused me to have extremely testicle pain, which was followed by a hospital visit. On that visit told the attending physician about my history and ultra-sound was given. The results were a slight increase in size of the left testicle, and the bilateral inferior testicular curvilinear structure flow suggests varicoceles and bilateral hydroceles was noted.In the last 5 five years Ive been treated for stage two prostate cancer, part of that treatment consist of a radiation treatment 3 years ago. Since then Ive been having a terrible problem with my hydroceles condition, when I consulted an urologist I was immediately treated for possible left epididmyitis and an epididymal cyst. I take a Lasik for my heart condition and when the medicine is working it makes my hydroceles worst.What I would like to know is could this epididmyitis condition follow me all this time, Im 53 years old. If this is the cases how did it happen, and what would be the factors in my history to cause it to be so. More importantly what can I do now, Im also a renal patient with one kidney?