Chronic Yeast Infection

Patient: As a teenager, I almost always had a mild skin rash under my chest line and in the groin area due to being active, sweat, etc. I stopped taking efforts treat it because it frequently came back after medication and it didn’t bother me aside from being mildly itchy. The rash spread to become a mild vaginal yeast infection as well (I think), but again, it has never seemed very noticeable to me aside from occasional mild itchiness and odor (but maybe I’ve just gotten used to it). Now, I know how to treat it better, and so, while I still occasionally get the rash in the same place, it’s barely even noticeable when it is. My questions are these — first, having a weak vaginal yeast infection for all these years and knowing it could spread — would it have the potential to spread to the ovaries and/or have some other kind of effect on fertility, egg quality, etc.? Second, should I think about having it treated? I’m not even sure if I still have it, but I want to make sure that I take care of it if that’s important.