Chronic Yeast Infections and Bacterial Infections

Patient: Hello, I am a 23 year old woman with two kids. For over a year now, I’ve been having problems with the same kind of vaginal discharge. I’ve probably been to see my GYN over 20 times about this issue. The results always seem to go back and forth between yeast infection and BV. The past time I went they even said I had Chlamydia which was baffling to me. My sexual partner has been the same person for going on a year and he always wears condoms and goes regularly to the doctor himself. After taking medication for the Chlamydia on top of being prescribed more applicator medicine for BV I still have the discharge. It is white and creamy, sometimes it is thick other times it is thin there is a light odor but not anything strong. I haven’t had sex lately, but when I was, I was experiencing a lot of pain during sex deeper into the vagina. Is there anything that can be suggested I do?

Symptoms: Vaginal discharge, pain during sex

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.If you have been experiencing recurrent vaginal infection off and on since one year an d have been treated multiple times during the year for yeast and bacterial vaginosis then the possibilities are two, one either you are not completing the course of treatment fully and not waiting for 2 repeat negative swab cultures to ascertain complete treatment. Secondly, if you may have continued sexual intercourse during the infective phase or during the treatment such that infection may have been transmitted to your partner often unless he too was treated along with your ongoing treatment. It is a rule to treat the partners together for yeast or bacterial vaginosis to prevent cross infection.Nextly if you have started experiencing deep pain during intercourse then it is likely that you have developed pelvic inflammation or PID as well and this would require a course of higher antibiotics as per CDC guidelines for PID for 14 days.I would suggest you visit your physician for a per septum and per vaginal examination to establish PID and then start the treatment. I hope I have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health.Regards.