Chylamdia dormant?

Patient: I just found out today that I have tested positive for Chylamdia. I have been with one and only one person. My current boyfriend and I have been in a monogonus relationship for almost 2 years. I see my gyno every year, and I have tested 9The first time we had sex, I contracted a UTI infection and I have been battling uti’s about every other month since we started to date. I asked my boyfriend if he has been unfaithful and he tells me he has been with no one but me. I have been to the gyno and tested negitive three times. Is it at all possible that either me or him could have been carrying chylamdia (dormaint) without testing positive for it?

Doctor: Chlamydia is the most commonly reported sexual transmitted disease in the United States, estimated at 4 million infectio ns annually, with rates higher than 10% in sexually active adolescent females. In a high percentage of cases there are no symptoms, and then those individuals (men 25%-50% and women 70%-80%) can have Chlamydia for a long period of time without knowing it. When you go to the doctor, he will order diagnostic tests that may include cultures or sending urine to the laboratory to determine if you are infected. The doctor may also test you for other sexually transmitted diseases because many patients with Chlamydia also have other infections such as gonorrhea or trichomonas.