Circumsized or not?

Patient: My fiancé is not circumsized. A few months after we met, he started getting little tears in his foreskin. I never took it serious until about a month ago when I saw the cuts bleed after we had sex. Everytime we think that they’re healed and try having sex or he tries to pull it back to clean it, it tears again and takes months to heal. He’s in a lot of pain and were considering getting him circumsized. Is there anything we can do to avoid this?

Doctor: Your anxiety about your fiancée is understandable. The prepuce (foreskin, which is removed during circumcision) getting swollen, having cuts etc. needs evaluation. First is to rule out diabetes. Since, swelling, tear or pain can be because of infection, starting on treatment with antibiotics, local antibiotic cream or local surgical removal of foreskin are the treatment options. Among them, circumcision may be the best or first time procedure