Clarification on abortion procedure please

Patient: Hello.For the sake of easily obtaining a marriage annulment in my church (Catholic), I need to ascertain whether or not my estranged spouse is lying to me about an abortion she recently had, without my knowledge that we were even pregnant.As a couple, we had a history of difficulty getting pregnant and my wife had a good number of miscarriages.At the end of February this year, my spouse decided that she wanted to separate for awhile to gather her thoughts. We lived in the same house, but apart. One day in May when I was emptying the garbage, I came across some medical papers my spouse had thrown away. I was shocked to see that they documented an abortion procedure that my wife had recently undergone. When I confronted her about this, she insisted that, just like all the other times we were pregnant, she had lost the child, or that it wasn’t a viable pregnancy. I somewhat skeptically accepted her explanation, but I had my doubts based on the information contained in those forms. What I would like to know is if the documentation in the forms corroborates her story, or if in fact she had an abortion of a potentially viable child.The form clearly states that an abortion was performed under local anaesthesia and that the patient tolerated the procedure well. She also had a D and C procedure performed. The gestational age was assessed at 10.2 weeks; cultures for g.c. and chlamydia were done and no pap smear was done. Medications given were Metronidazole 2G po x 1, and Misoprostol 400 mcg. At this time, she also had a Mirena IUD inserted, even though we were separated.I want to know if this information would appear on a health form for an abortion, if in fact, my spouse had actually lost the baby (or if the baby wasn’t viable), and whether or not an IUD would be inserted for any other reason than contraception.Thank you,Kelly