Classical symptoms of diabetes mellitus

Patient: Dear doctor, Recently, I’ve been feeling some signs/symptoms of diabetes. These are: – Excessively thirsty (not everyday- but becoming more constant) – Urinating a lot (definetly more than usual- about 6 times between 12pm & 4:30pm..) – Headaches (change when drinking apple/fruit juice) – Overall, tiredness/exhaustion (going to bed about 3-4 hours earlier with no change in schedule/daily activities) I understand that a lot of these could relate to other problems. However, I might add that I do eat quite healthily.

Doctor: Classical symptoms of diabetes include weight loss, increased thirst (often insatiable), increased urination, generalize d fatigue and malaise. From the symptoms you describe, I would advise attending your family doctor for a detailed history and physical examination. He may perform some simple tests including urine dipstick for glucose, blood glucose level check or a fasting glucose blood sample, to exclude diabetes mellitus as a cause for your symptoms.