Clear discharge on toilet paper with cramps, can i be pregnant?

Patient: Dear dr.on the 11th of march I notice a lot of clear discharge on my toilet paper 2hour later I started having some cramps on my left lower abdomen 1hour later I was active with my spouse. one week later I missed my monthly friend and I have been having head aches. could I be having early pregnancy hormones and it make my Pseudotumor cerebri to flare up

Symptoms: head aches eyes get dim cramping feel bloated and sleepy

Doctor: Thank you for your query.You have not mentioned about your last menstrual cycle neither, of the expected menstrual cyc le date. However the symptoms you have mentioned like the discharge and cramps in left lower abdomen look like ovulation symptoms, if they were symptoms of ovulation and you had unprotected sex then the chances of pregnancy is more. If it is passed 7 days than your expected date of menstrual cycle go for a home pregnancy test. It is also advisable to see the doctor if you are already on medication for pseudotumor cerebri and now it is causing to flare up.