Clitoral Pain after Yeast Infection

Patient: About 3 to 4 days ago i developed a yeast infection. i am currently studying abroad so i had to get a 6 day treatment from the pharmacy, one that i was not familiar with. a day or 2 after ibegan use, the symptoms went away but my clitoris had become swollen and enlarged. it is incredibly painful, it feels very hard and is very sensitive to the touch. it is hard to sit and stand and generally do anything, the pain does not go away unless i load myself with ibuprofen. it has been swollen and hard like this for 2 days. can this be a side effect of the yeast infection, the medication, or a completly different infection, or possible an std?

Doctor: Thank you for your question. You have in fact narrowed down all the possibilities:  The swollen clitoris can be a side e effect of the yeast infection, the medication, or a completely different infection unrelated to the above.  The genital area needs to be examined so a proper diagnosis can be provided and a proper treatment can be initiated.