Clogged Ears and Popping noise.

Patient: After i blew my nose yesterday my ear popped and now it feels really clogged. It doesnt hurt or anything i just cant hear out of it and its really scaring me? I dont know what to do i already tryed putting water because i i thought maybe some water got in there and i could drain it out. I tryed peroxide, ear drops, a heating pad… HELPPP ME PLEASE???

Doctor: Never place anything in your ear.  This includes liquid and q tips which are common causes of ear problems.Most common n causes of acute hearing loss in one hear include ear infections, wax build up, and sinus pressure.  All three are easily diagnosed by your family doctor and treatment can begin right a way,  In the case of wax build up, if the wax is removed, your hearing will return to normal while you are at the clinic.If your doctor examines your ears and determines it is not an ear infection, ear inflammation, wax build up or sinus pressure, he may refer you to an ENT specialist but this is uncommon in your age group.