Clomid and fertility injection

Patient: I am 51 have just remarried and have finished the menopause I want a baby I am thinking of clomid and the fertility injection. I am trying to avoid ivf what is my best chance to try and get pregnant

Doctor: Menopause not only means the cessation of menses but also is an indicator of depleted ovarian reserves. This means that a post menopausal woman does not ovulate or has the capacity to ovulate.A woman is born with roughly 4,00,000 oocytes (eggs) and loses around 400 – 500 oocytes each month of her reproductive years thereby depleting her ovarian reservoir of eggs by the time of menopause.Fertility injections or clomid are going to be futile in trying to get yourself to ovulate after menopause. Also if at all you do produce an egg, the quality of the egg is going to be extremely poor with respect to the fertilization capacity and the increased chances of aneuploidies (chromosomal abnormalities)If you do want to conceive, I would suggest that you look into an oocyte donation program and undergo counseling for the same. The process of oocyte donation involves taking a donor’s eggs fertilizing them with your partner’s semen and transferring the resultant embryos into your womb. This is a type of invitro fertilization technique done with donor oocytes and in your case the only treatment that can offer you a realistic chance of getting pregnant.