Cloud i be pregnant

Patient: Hello I am contacting you because I am worry that I might be pregnant. On April I had sex with my partner and he used a condom but the sperm had spilled from the bottom of the condom while it was still on him. We didn’t realize it until a few minutes later but I was still on top of him. I don’t know if there was any possibility that the sperm went inside of me. On may I got my period but I felt that it didn’t last as normally it would and it was lighter. I also notice that my period came before the beginning of the month. My periods after giving birth were every month at the beginning and last it more and were heavy. I am breast feeding a 4 month old baby so I don’t know if that could affect my period. This month I haven’t gotten my period but last week I took a plan b pill because we thought an accident had happened. But I still don’t get my period but am having some discharge that looks white and at times yellow and I have had cramps. I would like to do a pregnancy test but am afraid of the result of it. I would like to know a point of view of a doctor. Hopefully I can hear from you soon thank you.

Symptoms: Cramping, discharge, back pain, and at times a little headache