CMV and pregnancy

Patient: Hello,I’d like to know if some of you doctors could help me with a doubt. I’ve been reading a lot about this virus since i got a non recent positive, and i am pregnant.When i took the test i had 15 weeks of pregnancy and the avidity said that i got the virus 90 days or more before that date, it means if i got it during my pregnancy it was in the very beginning (maybe around 1-2 w or more if it happens during pregnancy)I was reading some websites, some of them say if i got it at the beginning the rule of everything or nothing occurs… meaning abortion or nothing happens at all…. others say, the 20 first weeks are the more dangerous since if the baby got it the consequences could be worst if she develops it.I am not sure if i got it during my pregnancy, but i am really worried, i am in my 19 week now. could some expert help me please?