Cocaine and breast augmentation

Patient: Does doing cocaine a week before breast augmentation affect the healing process? Will I have to reschedule.

Symptoms: None

Doctor: Use of cocaine has great health risks which cannot be over-emphasised upon. Before any surgery, the biggest concerns are intra-operative safety and post operative healing. Cocaine use may lead to a high blood pressure during surgery (and thus the possibility of bleeding intra-op). It also acts by decreasing blood flow in the skin and tissues which could slow the healing process. Cocaine is a potent vessel constrictor and reduces blood flow to the skin. Breast augmentation surgery involves raising skin flaps and the surgical process itself minimises the blood flow to the skin. The added risk due to cocaine use is going to make scar dehiscence and rupture very likely. I would suggest that you wean yourself off the cocaine habit for atleast 3 months before the surgery and continue the same for atleast 3 months post-operative to ensure a good surgical outcome.