Coccyx injury

Patient: I was diagnosed 10 weeks ago with a fractured coccyx. I returned to work after 4 weeks but have found it for more comfortable wearing heeled shoes than flat ones. The pain is considerably less. I asked my GP and he said to do whatever I felt best with. Is this ok for me to do?

Doctor: A fractured coccyx is managed conservatively by managing the pain until the bone can heal. Doctors usually do not try to correct a bad alignment. The muscles in the area are powerful and can pull the coccyx back into position.The area may remain painful for a long period of time, even after the fracture has healed. We usually advise to move only as comfort allows and if it is more comfortable in heals, then walk in heals.  Sitting positions tend to me more painful in cases of fractured coccyx.  Steroid injections or surgery may be considered if severe pain persists.