Coccyx’s injure two years ago still with pain.

Patient: My 16 year old daughter had a bad slide two years ago and injured her coccyx. It took us a year to find a physical therapist that specializes in women and she put it back into place. now two years later it is hypermobile and goes into flexion. my daughter is in a lot of pain and has been for 2 years, she has had injections and they didn’t help. her pt has now suggested we look into surgery possibly to remove only the bottom 3 sections. how do i find a surgeon that is experianced in this? are there any options? fusion? pin the tailbone? i would appreciate any input you can offer. thankyou.

Doctor: In the view that the pain(coccigodinia) is resilient to treatment, and the coccyx is hypermobile, I strongly recommend a consultation with a Spine surgeon or Orthopedic surgeon to explore the surgical option (removal) to improve the pain that the subluxation is causing now.