Coke cola

Patient: My husband adicted to coke cola am a bit worried that coke is the only liquid he drinks about 2 ltr a day 7 days a week wont drink anything else has always drunk it but only noticed it was only thing he drinks about 2 years ago and it has to be proper coke not light or low sugar. Is there any connection between soda and health risks?

Doctor: Many general dietary factors have been suggested as a cause of osteoporosis, including: low calcium-high phosphorus inta ke, high-protein diet, high-acid-ash diet, high salt intake, and trace mineral deficiencies. It appears that increased soft drink consumption is a major factor that contributes to osteoporosis. A deficiency of vitamin K leads to impaired mineralization of bone. Boron deficiency may contribute greatly to osteoporosis as well as to menopausal symptoms. Soft drinks have long been suspected of leading to lower calcium levels and higher phosphate levels in the blood. When phosphate levels are high and calcium levels are low, calcium is pulled out of the bones. The phosphate content of soft drinks like Coca -Cola and Pepsi is very high, and they contain virtually no calcium, and the content of caffeine is also high, producing all the effects caffeine-dependant.

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Guest: He might die soon xx