Cold and stomach flus

Patient: So my mother who is in her 70’s had what we assumed was the stomach flu. However none of the other members that were living in her home, or guest they had stopped by caught it despite the fact that she was the preparing meals. Nothing showed up on her blood work either. Is it possible to have a form of this flu without being contagious, or is it more likely that she was ill with something else ?

Symptoms: Nausea, swelling of the stomach, vomitting

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible for this type of infection to be self limiting without infecting anyone else . The bacterium or viruses that cause respiratory infections gastrointestinal infections are often spread by droplets of saliva. It is possible that the other members were exposed to her illness however they did not develop any noticeable symptoms or will develop symptoms afterwards. If her symptoms do not improve in 5-7 days, please have her examined by a doctor to determine whether she has a serious infection.Thank you for choosing