Cold/flu in the morning

Patient: Hi,I have been suffering from cold/flu like symptoms for the past 2 months. We went to Egypt for a 1 week holiday in early May and ever since we have been back I feel ill in the morning but as the day goes by e.g 3 or 4pm the symptoms disappear.When I wake up first thing I’m okay. I have a shower and when I go to work that’s when it starts. I have been to see the GP twice and have been told it is hayfever. I have never suffered from thus but my wife does. I’m not convinced that this is hayfever because I don’t have a runny nose, it’s mainly mucus in my throat and also a cough. My head feels blocked up and my eyes feel heavy.Even in the evening the header head and eyes are present must no mucus. I have been taking antihistamines but these are not making any difference.Any help or advice you can give me would ml be very much appreciated.Thank You

Symptoms: Flu/cold symptoms in the morning. Chesty cough in the morning and mucus
Blocked left ear, header head and eyes but not itchy.