Cold like symptoms/left ear popping

Patient: HelloFor the past few months my nose has felt clogged, like i have a cold/allergy. Also my left ear is popping all of the time or needs to pop, whenever i sniff, blow my nose etc. not so much my right, but always left. I also seem to have a lot of ear wax. I just don’t feel particularly ‘clear’ or right.Thanks

Symptoms: Clogged up nose, one ear constantly popping, occasional feeling of fullness, slight dizziness on occasions

Doctor: Thank you for your question. It is possible that you have a chronic sinus infection or allergic rhinitis which is causin g your congested sinuses. The unilateral ‘ear popping’ sensation that you are experiencing could be due to the changes in air pressure within the eustachian tube from act of blowing your nose or due to impacted cerumen (ear wax) within the ear. This can also affect your hearing and balance as well. Please do on use cotton swabs or any object to clean your ears. The best way is to have your doctor examine your sinuses as to determine the cause of your nasal congestion as well as have a look at your ears to see if the impacted cerumen needs to be removed.Thank you for choosing