Cold that hasnt stopped

Patient: What am I to do? I’ve had a cough for 3 days and now my chest hurts.

Symptoms: Hard to breathe

Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor.Management of cough Depends on the type of the cough ( dry or with expectorat ion ). Dry cough is a result of inflammation or irritation of the throat. It is a protective reflex of the body to throw out the irritant. It is caused by the viral infections, side-effect of medications, stress and anxious situations etc. Treatment would depend on the cause and soothing agents to calm the irritation of the throat.Productive cough or the one with expectoration is the cough that produces an excessive amount of mucus. This can be caused by the viral infections, Bacterial lung infections, medical conditions, Smoking etc.Treatment would be guided towards treating the cause. Expectorants are useful to clear the airway and easy the breathing.I recommend a visit to the physician and getting a chest Xray and Blood culture in case of a productive cough.Hope this information was useful.