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Cold Weather, now ill

Patient: Was out in really cold weather without proper clothes, was really cold but was trying to tough it out, now i feel ill, disoriented, and like i have a slight fever, i checked and im at 99.3 Is this something i should worry about?



Symptoms: Dizzy, stomach ache, light fever, shortness breath



Doctor: HelloThanks for the query.This seems to be related to the exposure you had to cold temperature. Generally at very low temperatures, the blood circulation gets a little sluggish and also the oxygen saturation falls, nose blocks and dizziness are also common. You may warm yourself up thoroughly, Ask your dear ones to rub your extremities with their palms so that you feel warmer and heat is transmitted. Observe your extremities of palms and soles, any bluish discoloration indicates severe reduction in oxygen levels. if you have shortness of breath which is increasing, look for oxygen and can take oxygen breathing through mask.This seems to be an emergency.It is better that you consult a doctor soon and get your blood pressure also checked.You may require continuous oxygen and monitoring till the breathlessness settles down. Kindly do not wait any longer to seek medical care, in view of disorientation and dizziness. You may take paracetamol for fever and tepid sponging if it does not come down till the time you see the doctor.Steam inhalations will help for a while. Keep the room completely warm.Hope this helpedRegards

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Patient: Thank you! Its 2 am here, and I am on a buisness trip so I am completely alone. Should i just phone the emergency number in London? I believe its 999? Or is there any other way of seeing a doctor? Or do you think this can wait until the morning? I dont have any discoloration and ive warmed myself, i just feel really beat up, thank you again

Doctor: Hello
Thanks for the reply
It is better you seek medical help at the earliest. If not a doctor any paramedic to administer oxygen and check your blood pressure. You can consult a doctor once the primary things are taken care of. Good to know that you have followed my instructions. Do not worry, just seek help soon . Just making sure that everything is going fine and no chances taken when it comes to health


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