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Coldsore discovered 1 day post oral sex

Patient: My boyfriend has a cold sore, but he didn’t know it until today. 1 day ago, he performed oral sex on me. What should we do? Is this something we should be concerned about?



Symptoms: Cold sore (him), nothing (me)



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.There is a possibility that you can also be infected with a cold sore as it can spread through an oro genital contact. Since you have had an oral sex with him, you may get the infection. If the immune response of your body is good enough, then you may not get the infection.In any case acyclovir, prophylaxis m ay help you. Ask your partner also to get treated for the same.Watch out for warning symptoms like fever, tiredness, rashes, oral papules, etc. Drink plenty of water and avoid dehydration and stress.Hope this helped.Feel free to write back for further clarifications.Regards

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Patient: Would it be logical to guess that given the fact that I have kissed him many times just before he had a cold sore that I do have that immune response? He’s very concerned about this, and I really would like some way to help calm his fears. Would the acyclovir prophylaxis help to keep this from developing genitally? If the warning signs did occur, it would be too late, correct? I’m most concerned at this point about quelling his fears. This is absolutely tearing him up, and I want some way to solve this. I know the symptoms, and I know the risk if it does occur, but I want some way to perhaps know it’s going to or not going to happen? Also – do you have to come in direct contact with the actual cold sore, or is it present in the entire mucous membrane of the mouth when the sore occurs on the lower lip, for example?

Doctor: Hello,
Thanks for the query.
You have not yet got the infection. There is a high possibility that you may not get it at all. It may not be right to say that you could have developed an immunity by kissing him in prior to the infection.
A natural immunity in the body is what we meant.
Acyclovir was recommended to prevent and as well as treat the infection early in case you have picked it up. It can help in a genital lesion as well.
Consider counselling your partner about being positive and not to worry so much. Stress itself can lead to a flare up of cold sores.
You can help him with some psychiatric counselling.
Hope this helped.


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