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Collapsed Veins and how they can be recovered

Dear Ask The Doctor:
I have a collapsed vein from donating blood,I donated for about two weeks, about a year ago and I was wondering if there's some kind of surgery I can procede to fix that non-visible vein? I was also wondering if having a collapsed vein means that I'm more likely to have blood clots? Thank You for taking your time out to answer me.


Collapsed veins occur due to repeated injury to the vein with suction and withdrawal of the blood. It does not cause any harm, except that it may produce pain or discomfort if its large and inflamed. With repeated injury to the vein, clots form on the inside of the vein, making it narrower. Eventually the vein blocks, and the clots turn into a scar tissue which shrinks and pulls the sides of the vein together, causing it to collapse. Your body would recognise the collapse diverting the blood flow through deeper veins. There are options for the surgical correction of collapsed veins, through stenting, removal of the scarred tissue etc.


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