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Colonoscopy preparation guidelines

Patient: I am having a colonoscopy Friday morning, my prep paper state not to have nuts, popcorn etc 7 day before, I had nuts 4 days ago without thinking of course. Will this effect my procedure? I dont want to start my meds if they my Cancle. Please advise and Thank you for being here. Sandy




Doctor: Bowel preparation is required prior to a colonoscopy so that the large bowel is clear of all faecal material allowing th e bowel wall to be visualized through a camera lens. Nuts and corn are loaded with fibre, and may take several days for complete digestion, with a slow transit time through the large bowel. This is the reason why they are best avoided prior to the colonoscopy procedure. It is important to follow the preparation rigorously otherwise the investigation may be inadequate, if the entire large bowel cannot be viewed. I would advise continuing strictly to the bowel preparation guidelines, or if this is not possible rescheduling the colonoscopy, for a future date.


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