Colorectal cancer in a 22 year old?

Patient: Hi,Let me start out by telling you I am a 22 year old female with no medical problems. I definitely don’t have the best diet, but other than that I am healthy as far as I know. I also tend to have pretty bad anxiety. My mother, who is 55, was diagnosed with colorectal cancer last month.For the past week, I feel like I have been having symptoms of this kind of cancer. I’m really scaring myself with this. I’ve been having diarrhea pretty often and I guess that’s really my only symptom. I feel like sometimes constipation comes into play a little bit but I can’t really tell if that’s real or imagined due to my worries.About 3 days ago, I went to the bathroom and had diarrhea which was almost orange. My mom said it was like stomach acid which happens sometimes when you have diarrhea for a few days but I freaked out because I thought it was blood or something. So I went to my doctor because I just couldn’t calm myself down. I explained everything that was going on with me and she told me that she feels very sure that I don’t have colorectal cancer. She examined my abdomen and said everything felt normal but she offered to let me send in some blood work and a stool sample for my own peace of mind. I haven’t mailed in the stool sample yet but my blood results came in the mail on Saturday and apparently I am normal across the board. I don’t know everything that was measured in the labs but I know my chemical levels and blood cell count was included, and I am also pretty sure that I was checked for anemia. Anyway, other than that my doctor told me she believes I have anxiety and that I should pursue counseling for that.I bought some anti-diarrhea medication and I only took it one day, but I am still having off-and-on diarrhea and it’s been about a week now. I guess my question for you is, should I still be concerned? If I had colorectal cancer, would there be something in my blood tests that would indicate that? Or could I have normal results and still have the cancer?Thanks,Ali

Symptoms: diarrhea