Colostrum Production: Never Pregnant

Patient: I seem to be producing colostrum but I’m not, nor have I ever been, pregnant. It’s from both nipples and happened when stimulated. My significant other says it’s happened before (without my knowledge) a few months back. I just recently went to my GYN for a routine check up and nothing was out of the normal. Could this just be a hormonal imbalance? Or what could be going on? Thanks.

Symptoms: Symptoms: negative pregnancy test, producing colostrum in both nipples when stimualted

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comIf you are experiencing discharge from both nipples in the absence of pregnancy then it is fairly likely that the prolactin hormone levels have increased in your body causing hyperprolactinemia and hypersecretion though mammary ducts.It is suggested that you may get your serum hormone levels checked and if found to be raised then an MRI brain would be required to rule out Micro/ macro prolactinomas. You may discuss this possibility in detail with your physician and take an informed decision.I hope i have answered your query,wishing you good health,regards