Combined oral contraceptives and high blood pressure.

Patient: I am 37 years old and was prescribed microgynon 30 eight months ago for extremely heavy periods with severe mood swings. This medication has helped me greatly.However, recently I returned to my doctor to have my blood pressure taken and he said it was quite high (he did not tell me the exact reading) and I would have to stop taking this medicine at the end of my current strip.I take my blood pressure at home using a wrist cuff. I know they are not as reliable as the doctor, but my bp for the last 10 days has always been between 104 over 69 to 129 over 79. I get very nervous during my doctors visits. My doctor is aware of this.I cannot bear the thought of going back to the heavy bleeding and depression.I often bled heavily for around 8-10 days and I couldn’t leave the house for 6 of those days due to flooding onto my trousers. I wanted to die all the time. I no longer feel that way while I have been taking microgynon 30.Is there anything else that could help me?