Patient: My mom fell & sustained a comminuted fracture at the proximal shaft of the left humerus showing impaction.Xrays were done and the result as follows:Comminuted fracture at the proximal shaft of left humerus. The head of the humerus is intact and is still in apposition with the glenoid fossa. The soft tissue shadows are not remarkable.AP and lateral views of the right or left shoulder reveal a comminuted fracture in the proximal left humerus. The rest of the bones are normal in shape and density. The cortical outlines are smooth. The cotices are of normal width. The joint spaces are preserved. There is no fracture, bone erosion or bone destructions. There is no dislocation. The right or left acromioclavicular joint is normal. The bones and joints of the clavicle are intact. There are no signs of fracture, bone erosion nor bone destruction noted. The soft tissue shadows are not remarkable. Normal bones of the clavicle.Will my mom undergo surgery? What kind? What other treatment other than surgery can be applied to her. Thanks.

Symptoms: Pain level 6/10, swelling & bruising of elbow