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Patient: I recently had a cold brought on by sinuses. I took otc benadryl to dry up my sinuses and otc night time cough and cold medicine for the cold symptoms. now i feel great but the taste in my mouth and smell in my nose are very rancid and will not go away. is this something i need to go to the doctor about seeing how I fell great?

Symptoms: Rancid smell, rancid taste and a bit of a dry cough

Doctor: HelloThank you for posting your query to ATDI understand that you are having cold and sinusitis.The cause of bad breath is possibly due to nasal secretions drying up in posterior part of nose, leading to mucous plug formation. It may sometimes get super added with bacterial infection.Steam inhalation helps a lot in such conditions.Oral hexidine gargles helps in relieving bad breath.You are advised to consult your doctorDoctor may start saline nasal drops for you.

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