Common cold or something more… Do I need to see a doctor?

Patient: I started out with just a mild cold about 5 days ago. Yesterday my symptoms took a turn for the worse, and I’m wondering if I need to see a doctor, or if I just need to rest and wait it out.

Symptoms: Runny nose, congestion, all over body aches, chest and upper back pain all the time, not just when coughing or breathing, dark yellow phlegm, feeling hot/cold, but no fever.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.A common cold usually lasts for a week and the immunity fights it out without any medic ations. In case it persists more than a week and you experience fever, chills, sore throat, headache, etc you will have to see a doctor. They indicate a sign of infection which needs antibiotic therapy. Drink plenty of water, try steam inhalations and also try warm saline gargles to make you feel better. Vitamin C supplements or fruits rich in vitamin C are known to build up immunity to fight against cold and other diseases.Hope this helped.Regards