Common Myths and Facts of Pregnancy

Patient: My girlfriend was on her period she was still on it kina and we had unprotected sex I didn’t cum inside of her but she still took the next choice pill Thursday and we had sex on Tuesday. She took her bith control and now she stop taking it because it was time for her period she stopped taking it on Saturday and was supped to get her period on Tuesday or Wednesday but she didn’t she also had spotting on Tuesday we got a hpt and it said she was not pregnant it is now Thursday and she still hasn’t had her period is she pregnant or. Was the spotting her period?

Doctor: I was a bit confused with your question. You mentioned your girlfriend was on her period but she spotted after having he r period? Please try to review your question. Bottomline is, even if a woman is having her period, there is still a possibility of conceiving. Even if you did not cum inside her, one can still get pregnant because pre-cum may have spilled which also contains sperm cells. If you want, you may do the pregnancy test again. If it is negative still, then she may not be pregnant. Menstrual irregularities are common when using the pill. The amount of bleeding during periods usually decreases. Perfect use of the pill is warranted to achieve ~99% effectivity and prevent ovulation (release of an egg by the ovary). This means that one should take the pill at the same time every day. If it will be taken several hours later than the usual time, then the ovary may have already released an egg and if unprotected sex follows, conception is very possible. I would suggest she waits for her period before she starts the pill again. You may also want to see a doctor because a blood pregnancy test is way more accurate than a home pregnancy test. I do hope I have answered your question. Take care.