Common Side Effects of Contraceptive Implant

Patient: Hi i have recently had the implant fitted in my arm just over a month ago. I went two weeks without bleeding but now i am on my first period since having it fitted. I have been bleeding for 11 days now and really worried will it ever stop? my periods normally last 5 days

Doctor: I presume you have the contraceptive implant. The common side effects of the contraceptive implant are no different than oral contraceptive pills. Some may have headache, acne, irregular bleeding or no bleeding at all. It has been reported that it has a very low failure rate (0.05%). In your case, since you have had it for <2 months, your body is still adjusting to the implant. It will usually take 3 months to several months for the menstrual irregularities to resolve. It is very likely the bleeding will stop eventually. If you really opt for the implant rather than the pill, patch or depot, just endure this side effect for now. One major advantage of the implant is it only has to be changed every 3 years. The pill, patch and depot may also produce menstrual irregularities initially. If the bleeding is heavy, have it checked by a doctor urgently. I do hope I have answered your question. Take care always.