Comon Misconceptions on Low Blood Pressure

Patient: Hello, My blood pressure is always around 95, 60 whenever I measure, I am 24 years old. For about ten years I have never seen any normal results like 120,80. Before that, I wasn’t measuring because I was a child. I am on lower boundary of my healty weight and exercise cardio 4 times a week. Can chronic low blood pressure be dangerous? Thanks for help. Pembe.

Doctor: There is nothing wrong with your blood pressure. The normal blood pressure ranges from 90/60 to 120/80. In some skinny i ndividuals, it is usually slightly lower than 90/60; as long as one has not experienced dizziness or fainting, this is still okay. Yours is still within the normal range. Your exercise regimen also maintains your blood pressure on the low normal range. Maintaining your BP at this range is actually healthy, not dangerous. Again, I assure you, there is nothing wrong with your BP. I even commend you for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and I encourage you to continue doing that. You also mentioned you have anemia, though you have not mentioned if this was a past or present illness. Anyway, anemia is a condition where in the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood is significantly less because of low hemoglobin levels (the oxygen carrier in the blood). Anemia, if significant enough, can also cause dizziness or difficulty of breathing associated w/ exercise. However, only severe cases of anemia will affect the blood pressure; in moderate or mild cases, the BP is usually maintained within the normal range. If you are a vegetarian, you may try seafoods, tofu and beans because these foods might help correct the anemia. Lean red meats, however, are the best foods to help correct anemia. I do hope I have answered your question

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Guest: Seafoods are NOT vegetarian.