Complete body tests- diabetes detected

Patient: Hi, My name is HS. Age-30. recently had complete body tests following are few high lighted results are as followsLymphocyte- 47%ESR- 16 mm/1st hr.MCHC- gm/dlTriglycerides- 326 mg%VLDL- 65.2 mg%LDL Cholesterol direct- 48.8%LDL/HDL C Cholesterol Ratio- 1.162Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)- 7.009 mg/dlConjugated (D. Bilirubin)- .60 mg/dlSGOT- 97 U/LSGPT- 153 U/LAlkaline Phosphatase- 122 U/LHB A1C- 8.5%Average Blood Glucose (ABG)- 202 mg/dlBlood sugar fasting- 196 mg/dl# Name- Diabetes history in family.Please suggest steps to be taken to keep these parameters in normal value.

Doctor: Hi and thanks for the query, I am very pleased to be assisting you with your health questions you have diab etes, dyslipidemia and some liver injuryyou need to start exercise, dietary modifications and medicines to control your sugar. lipid parameter can be controlled if sugar can be controlled.regular check up of BP, weight control and regular visit to a diabetologist is must to take care of sugar and its need to be evaluated for liver problems? if you are taking alcohol or any other medicines, which can affect liver– you need to stop it immediately.Hope this helps and provides answers to your question.If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to ask me againI wish you good health, take care