Completely clueless

Patient: Hello – I started 2 months ago with hideous cheekbone pain just my hair touching it hurt and within 2 days my cheek swelled and a lump formed – I took antibiotics in case of abcess. The swelling and lump went down then came up even worse but the pain subsided. I went to the doctors he took my temp and it was normal, he said my teeth looked ok and that it was the wrong place for the salivary gland – in short he didn’t know. The doctor did mention something called TMJ and when I was 14 I had a brace to alter my bite. He suggested an allergy so I took asprin and piriton and the swelling went down. There was a small pea sized lump in my cheek muscle and this stayed the same for about 4 weeks. It has since grown in sized to about an inch in diameter but is not painful even to touch. When I breath in sometimes I wheeze. With my asthma it is usually when I breathe out, it lasts for 10-20 minutes and may happen twice a day but I am not that breathless. My throat also has an ‘intermittent catching’ several times a day when I swallow it feels like it catches on something and makes a clunk and then I feel I have to swallow lots to try to get rid of it. During the last fews days my blood pressure has dipped down, especially in the morning and I go dizzy when I stand. I was wondering if these are all contected and if I should go and get it checked out. I am just worried they will say they do not know.